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White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow Feminized Seeds

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    • White Widow Feminized Seeds
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    • White Widow Seeds
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What are White Widow Feminized Seeds?

There are many marijuana strains discovered in the world, but that status which the white widow maintains is still unbeatable. It is a legendary strain also known as the queen of the cannabis family. It is always a mystery to this day that what the central origin of this strain is. Our experienced and talented growers produced the classic version of this White Widow strain. It contains various features a perfect genetic balance. It has
•    50% India
•    50% Sativa.

White Widow is the most popular strain in the world. It is a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by green seeds house. Its flowers have a pure milky color with diamond pitch, informing you of the powerful impressions to proceed.

A powerful outburst of happiness and strength breaks through quickly, exciting both communication and creativity. White Widow's heredity has provided an increase to many other legends. Still, several growers favor the original White Widow, which blooms in about 60 days inside.
It grows right in the middle of the color and offers the most benefits to the world. Even though it's a mystery about this stain's origin, the strain's habitats show that it belongs to the Dutch that first grow in the Netherlands. Buy White Widow Feminized Seeds from our website now.

Yields and Easy Growth:

It grows to about 1m tall indoors. It reaches up to 2m outside. It requires much light and produces colder climates such as
•    France
•    UK
•    Netherlands

Grown inside, it can yield 450–500g/m² supporting a 600W light. Outside it can collect between 550–600 gangplanks.

Although this cultivar will produce better in warm climates, it still gives excellent northern European environments.

It's flowering after 8-10 weeks, wanting little maintenance. It is an excellent plant for first-time producers. Such features also give this plant a perfect alternative for SOG and ScrOG processes.

It creates a tremendous convenient cola when given new. Although large and powerful, you'll see more significant effects with a minimum of practice.

Cover each plant through the first vegetative state and use LST and defoliation to provide an excess of flower sites and an open and aerated covering.

Medical Benefits:

•    It helps you to treat stress
•    It is helpful for you to treat anxiety
•    It is beneficial for you to treat pain
•    It allows you to treat depression
•    It is helpful for you to treat insomnia
•    It is beneficial for you to treat cramps
•    It is helpful for you to treat chronic pain
•    It is helpful for you to treat Migraines
•    It allows you to treat Sclerosis
•    It will enable you to treat seizures


•    Happy
•    Euphoric
•    Uplifted
•    Relaxed
•    Creative


•    Earth
•    Pinewood
•    Flowery

White Widow Feminized Seeds for Sale:

Suppose you want to buy white widow seeds from us now. We are selling 100% genuine and original seeds.

We offer you multiple discounts from time to time. You will enjoy the sales. White Widow regularly produces full-body relaxation without affecting the user to fit secured you from the couch. It gives most of the attractive effects on the cerebral while smoking. The user feels much happy and more social after smoking.  Most cannabis seeds have a couple of insignificant conflicts. Many people experience pale eyes and mouths while smoking.

White Widow produces almost instant mind results, including a more defined understanding of shows and qualities. In the beginning, these responses give to an outburst of power that gives you the want to go and get something done, most limited in your mind. Later a while, the sensations serve to mellow out into a bright body mass.

Recently, experimentation has started examining the strain's powers. It helps people who suffer from the blood disease Hepatitis C, leading to liver conditions and even cancer.


The effects are really
•    Rejuvenating
•    Uplifting
•    Mentally buzzed with a euphoric edge

It is not too expensive and leaves deep thought and focus with a gentle natural effect—the ultimate strain for clearing away the fibers and preparing your mind running in fifth gear. It is an excellent hybrid for original individuals

•    Musicians
•    Artists
•    Writers
•    Enjoying nature on a long walk and social situations

A collective of White Widow Feminized with a cup of coffee in the day undoubtedly refreshed your mind and body and energized for a hard-working day ahead.

Side Effects:

•    Dry mouth
•    Dry eyes
•    Dizzy
•    Paranoid
•    Anxious

About Us:

We are selling many different strains and seeds. White Widow Feminized Seeds Price comes in an amazingly affordable range. Shop from our website now you must satisfy with our services. We offer you and recreational cannabis. You can connect with us with few links.

•    Quick service
•    Quick delivery
•    24 hours online

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