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Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

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    • Super Skunk Feminized Seeds
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    • Super Skunk Seeds
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What are Super Skunk Feminized Seeds?

Super Skunk comes from Skunk #1. It bred with Afghani Indica to produce a potent hybrid. It is created with Sensi seeds. Its excellent qualities produce beneficial mental and physical effects.

Super Skunk is the most famous for beginners because it is easy to grow strong abilities to survive various weather conditions.
This strain is having a high potent indica. The use of this pattern is marvelous at night—it over the consumer relaxation, peace of mind—the use of these strain for the smoking purpose it's incredible. You will fall asleep within a few hours.

The super Skunk feminized seeds. It has an equal combination of

•    Indica
•    Sativa

Seed strain. It's faster produce to flower and produces a fantastic harvest of robust flower growth. It has thick stems and a sturdy hybrid with heavy branches.

This Super Skunk is one of the first strains that offer smokers even greater strength than the effective import hashish that people could buy coffee shops sometimes, and this super hybrid is still famous for its sweet, spicy flavor and highly high texture. It commonly grows indoors but can grow outside also.  It can also grow in a greenhouse. It needs a warm, sunny climate.

THC:     20%
CBD:  Insignificant amounts

Easy Growth and Advantages:

Flowering Time: The flowering timing of Super Skunk Feminized approximately takes 7 to 10 weeks. For its better growth, quick flowering, easy plant requirements.

Height: This strain grows in an average size maximum of 3 to 4 feet.

Yield: It is planted indoor or outdoor.  It yields 18 / m2 indoor and 21/ m outdoor.  It produces of Cannabis plant 21ounces. Its best harvest time takes place between the start of September to end of October. It needs Marijuana fertilization and plant protector.

Buy Super Skunk Feminized Seeds from our Website:

Grow Difficulty: You will enjoy its growing process. There are countless choices to grow these plants. These seeds are incredibly friendly to the beginner. If you are g the first growing time, then this is the perfect introduction for you.

Medical Uses:

Various choices come with super Skunk to fulfill your needs. It manages to relax the mind and body while you're working hard. It is helpful when suffering from continuous stress. It is mood-boosting medicine. Some peoples even used it to decrease

•    Muscle spasms
•    Headaches and other aches
•    Discomfort of mind
•    Pain
•    Pain
•    Arthritis
•    Muscle recovery
•    Stress
•    Anxiety
•    Depression
•    PTSD

It has average THC levels, which makes it adequately useful for daytime time.

Super skunk performs great to treat an appetite; it is beneficial when you are suffering from nausea.  In difficult situations, vomiting can be generated by chemotherapy, which is unsettled after prolonged treatment. Sometimes it does not being able to perform a quick treatment.
This strain helps you to relax, especially when you are in uncomfortable situations. The Indica properties lead to overall relaxation; the citrusy Sativa manages to put somebody in a more moderate mood. So, if you're feeling a little worried, this stinky strain can help mellow you out.

History of Super Skunk:

Super Skunk's has a solid history. It is very intimately joined with Skunk#1, from which it arises Skunk#1, it across Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani strains. It was spanned back with its Asian origins, this producing this "Super" Skunk combination.

These Flowers grow with golden brown thick hairs. It stores resin shields them from top to bottom. The flower's banging period starts increasing the fragrance we may all recognize as typically Skunk, and even smoking these flowers will get the skunk lover under memory passage.

Afghan's power is remarkable when you spend the flowers; the typical great body buzzing has Afghan inscribed all over it and waits with you for a further elongated season.

Side Effect:

•    Paranoia
•    Dry mouth
•    Dry eyes
•    Hallucinations


•    Cheese
•    Citrus
•    Earthy
•    Fruity
•    Skunky
•    Sweet


•    Euphoric
•    Happy
•    Relaxed
•    Sleep
•    Uplifted
•    Joyous thoughts
•    Clarity of the mind

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