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Black Mamba

Black Mamba

  • Category : Indica
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    • Black Mamba
    • Black Mamba Strain
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Purchase the Black Mamba strain for sale

Is it a deadly snake or a restorative bud? There’s no denying the Black Mamba weed strain has got an awe-inspiring name, but its Sativa effects have nothing to do with poison. With a potent THC content of around 20%, it beckons seasoned cannabis connoisseurs to partake in its splendor. Its effects are a dance of euphoria and tranquility, weaving them layer by layer and lulling users into a peaceful slumber.

Myrcene reigns supreme as the distinguishing terpene of Black Mamba. This means the buds will produce an aromatic symphony reminiscent of grapes and florals while harmonizing with an earthy berry upon your palate. Intriguingly, Black Mamba is imbued with the vibrant notes of limonene that cast a veil of citrus and fruity delight. Yet, its profile is no one-trick pony, as you can also indulge in the undertones of diesel with a touch of sourness.

You can buy the Black Mamba Sativa strain if you tolerate high-THC buds well. Treatment-wise, this variety can be smoked to welcome long-awaited relief from:

  • Encroachments of stress

  • Painful symptoms associated with arthritis and other health conditions

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Bipolar disorder

The Black Mamba strain price is unbeatable at All Green Pharm. This genuine, well-tested Sativa is available in up to 16 oz per order. If you’re unsure whether Black Mamba is your thing, you can snap up 1 oz for starters. The strain will be ready to go to your place within 3 days.

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